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Neighborhood Health is a free resource for Texas health insurance plans. We assist with private health insurance plans, Healthcare.gov insurance plans, Texas Obamacare, Medicare, and Texas Medicaid health plans. Get a health insurance that fits your budget and healthcare needs.

Here to help with Texas health insurance plans:

Our enrollment team specializes in community centered health insurance. Our agency is certified and licensed to help Texans navigate their health insurance options for free. We can help you find the plan that fits your healthcare needs, budget, and doctors’ networks.
Obamacare Health Exchange
Private health insurance - We are experts in private health insurance plans that are available in Texas. Depending on your income and household size you may qualify for high quality private health insurance with financial assistance from the Texas Obamacare health exchange (Healthcare.gov) that can lower your monthly cost, lower your deductibles and copays, or even reduce your monthly premium to as low as $0 a month.
Medicaid / Low Income Insurance
Medicaid - We are able to assist with enrollment into Medicaid, which is insurance for low-income Texans. Medicaid is different from the Texas Obamacare Health exchange (Healthcare.gov). Medicaid is a government run health plan managed at the county level. This means some doctors or hospital networks may not be available, but all services provided by Medicaid are generally free.
Medicare - Medicare is health coverage for seniors and retirees, usually 65 years or older. We can assist Texans apply for government programs that can bring down the cost of prescription medications, Medicare Part A / Part B out of pocket cost, or help pay for Medicare monthly premiums.
Dental and Vision
Dental and Vision coverage are specific insurances that help cover the cost of services at the dentist or optometrist. Dental Coverage helps pay for things like teeth cleanings, braces, crowns, fillings and much more. Vision plans help cover the cost of eye exams, lenses, and contacts.
$0 Health Insurance Plans
Unique to plans purchased through the Texas Obamacare health exchanges, is it possible to get financial assistance that is more than the actual cost of the plan. This means that people with qualifying household and income levels, will qualify for a private health plan that has its monthly premiums paid 100% by the health exchange.
1095a Form & Tax Forms
a) Anybody who is enrolled into a Texas Obamacare health exchange plan or gets assistance paying for their private health insurance through a health exchange, are required to submit a 1095a tax form to the IRS when filing taxes. We can provide this form if it was not mailed to you, or get it corrected if your plan is still active and needs to be updated.

About Us

TexasSalud.com is proudly presented by Neighborhood Health Insurance Center. Our bi-lingual enrollment team is United States based, and experts in individual health insurance and Texas Obamacare health exchange health plans. We are ready, willing and able to assist with any new enrollment, existing accounts, or plan specific questions about health insurance available through the Obamacare health insurance exchange in Texas. We work with every carrier and can provide free unbiased advice about which health plan fits our clients’ needs best. All our services are provided at no cost and there is no additional cost added to the plan when using our services. We are contracted with Healthcare.gov to provide free enrollment and plan management assistance to the millions of Texans who we serve. We strongly believe that healthcare is for everybody and will continue to work to ensure our community has all the information and assistance they need to navigate all healthcare coverage options.